Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why I Love Running Here

It's not just because we have such a great variety of trails to choose from - I've run on forested paths, gravel walkways through the wetlands, bark trails through parks, and paved bicycle paths all in the course of a week - but also because there is such a great array of wildlife here. Even in the winter time, when there are fewer birds, the butterflies aren't out, and you mostly see fat squirrels running around, you can still catch a glimpse of something breathtaking. Today it was two bald eagles in a tree by the river. Another runner told me he's seen the two in that location lately and it looks like they're a pair. Of course, my silly little camera in my phone couldn't capture it at all, but that blob in the tree is a bald eagle. It was actually close enough I could see its white head and yellowish beak. Very beautiful! I wish I'd had my telephoto lens and my good camera, but I might have to return with the kids later this week if the good weather holds out and see if I can snap a few better pics.

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