Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Isn't It Ironic

Speaking of my iPod playlists, I get this grief from Divagirl (my 7-going-on-17 daughter) this morning. She comes out with my MP3 player on (she has her own, mind you, she's just always losing track of it) and says "Mom, you listen to some really inappropriate music. I have to skip, like, every other track." She says the word inappropriate one syllable at a time, as if speaking to an elderly, deaf person of questionable judgement.

What can I say? Girlfriend, I want to tell her, I've partied with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, discussed Henry Miller with Henry Rollins, my band opened for NOFX, I'm not going to be listening to the Princess Diaries Soundtrack, okay?. Overall, I think I'm a pretty good mom, I strive to be an awesome mom. But sometimes my past catches up with me. I grew up an utter rebel, and have had to learn to be responsible and selfless as I've gone along on this wild parenting ride. This is the same daughter who has cured me of my sailor mouth. She "hates curse words", and also tries to give me fashion tips (see above photo for why I don't usually take them). She's probably going to be a Republican, and a CEO. My husband and I joke that the best we can hope for is that she turns out to be a benevolent Dictator of the Universe.

As it turns out, I saved the day by finding her MP3 player and even having a battery for it. So she's rocking out to the Ella Enchanted soundtrack, and I'm off to rip my old X, Live at the Whisky CD for tomorrow's run.


TriJack said...

wow! a different side of ironmom revealed... very nice...

and, uhm, what's wrong with that there outfit?? that matches, right? i do notice that the purple har is gone!

triathlonmom said...

Awesome post! What a cutie.
Don't know about you but I started my kids early (in utero)...don't know if brainwash was the word...but at 6 years and 2 years old there's been no rebellion yet. They still think Ani Difranco is the best singer and songwriter in the world. Please don't let this bliss end. I hear that Hannah Montana is out there corupting young american girls everywhere.. ..YUK. She sounds like a 12 year old slut.

momo said...

lol, robin! you should be proud of her - especially if you spend any time with teenagers. i do not know the meaning of half of the words they say!

my kids love music too - and they're very different. my son loves everything from rock to reggae, but my daughter thinks hillary duff is the best singer in the universe... :-)

TJ said...

HA! very funny.
my daughter digs the whole "high school musical/hannah montana/disney channel" thing also.
it all sounds the same to me.....
.....much....much!...different than black flag.
i'm in trouble if she ever starts digging through my music collection.