Friday, January 12, 2007

Lyrics to Run By

Out for a run today, in the cold and the snow. I'm really enjoying having an iPod with me on my runs. On the playlist today was the album Little Star by Girlman, and the lyrics of the day come from the song Superior:

Ambition is what keeps you moving
When your heart wants to pull you back home
You gotta run when God makes you an offer
You gotta go if someone shows you how to go

How's that for words to run with on a cold day. I love Girlyman's vocals and harmonies. A lot of their stuff isn't fast enough for a really strong run, but today was more of a meander, being careful not to slip on the icy parts of the pavement. I took a detour on some paths through the wetlands, and give a runners thumbs-up to the new Trex decking that they're now using on the paths above the water. The old wooden boards were so slippery in the winter, but I was cruising along on the snowy planks and no slipping at all.

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