Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Love the Feel of Lactic Acid in the Morning... feels like Victory (victory over 20 sprints, that is). We've got a new Master's swim coach. Tougher Master's swim coach. More sprinting, more kicking, more breath-holding, more big-muscle explosive moves, more lactic acid, more quivery muscles. Just how I like it!

I took almost a year away from my Master's group because I felt like I really didn't need to focus on swimming when training for the Ironman. So mostly I swam by myself, lots of long distance, workouts of 4,000 straight, that kind of thing. In a way it was good, I developed a lot more arm power and glide than I used to have. On the other hand, I haven't sprinted in almost a year. Ouch!

Today's main set: 20x50 all-out sprint on 1:30. Sounds simple, 'til you try it. It was a long workout because of that, not a lot yards but my body feels like its swum about 5,000, not 3,500. I think this is going to be a good year for swimming! For the record: fastest 50 off the wall was :31, slowest was :34 - lots of work to do. I think this new coach will be good for me.


cayman said...

Whoa, that's some serious 50s. I think I'll stay in my pool a little longer. lol

TriSaraTops said... arms hurt just thinking about that set! :)