Friday, January 05, 2007

If Anyone Hits Me, It's Their Fault

You know you're dressed as a running goof when your family members take pictures of you heading out the door. Honestly, when I was getting dressed to run, I didn't intend to wear neon orange socks, lime green tights, red shirt, and one green glove and one black glove. That's just the stuff I could find that was clean. And hey, with our changeable winter weather, when the rain, sleet, or snow stops, you gotta go out the door, so out I went.

The way I figure it, at least no one's going to run me over!


Kylie said...

I love it! Kinda like a chrismas elf.

Where did you find fun colored running tights?

Robin said...

I found the funky tights at my favorite place: the thrift store!

Bike Chick said...

It's a great outfit. I like wearing neon colors when I ride or run. It gives us character.