Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fun With the Heart Rate Monitor

I wore my heart rate monitor around today while doing chores around the urban farm. I discovered that leaf raking (on the gigantic pile) puts me in the 118 - 130 zone for a couple of hours. Carrying 5-gallon buckets of water from the creek to the chicken coop bumped me up to 137, and chasing wayward chickens threw me completely out of Z2 for at least a minute and up to 153. And yes, to keep with the triathlon topic, I did go for a run today. It was beautiful out and I went from my daughter's dance class down the path that runs by the river. Running in a t-shirt in January! But the cold weather is coming, and it's time to (hopefully) get out my snowboarding gear.

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TJ said...

i wore my hrm once while push mowing the lawn and was surprised with the results. i started viewing it as a workout instead of a chore.