Monday, January 15, 2007

Revenge of the Unused Muscles

Just when you think you are in shape. Just when you think you are in tip-top form, your muscles are strong, your cardio good, endurance excellent. Just then, you try a different sport and realize how many muscles you haven't been using.

You'd think that between swimming, biking, and running, karate, and yoga, you'd hit most of the muscles in a body, but last night my husband and I subbed for a friend's coed league volleyball team and I realized I've been ignoring the muscles that leap, lunge, reach, and dodge. I know exactly which ones they are, because they all hurt this morning! They're probably all the same muscles I've been using, I just don't normally extend them to the margins of their normal range.

Thankfully, my daughter gives a mean backrub, and ran short of cash during last night's family Monopoly game. She'll trade massages for Monopoly money when she gets desperate and so she gave me a good rub down in return for a few pink tens. I popped some Wobenzym (an enzyme formula that does wonders for sore or injured muscles) and topped off with The Rub (an arnica rub that I swear by) and by the morning they were in tolerable shape for our Monday karate class.

The hardest part of all of it might be that I'm now hooked on league volleyball again. I haven't played in years, but we had such a good time that we're thinking we might have to start up a team. It was a blast getting to do something active with my husband as well. Usually one of us goes to work out while the other is on kid duty, but the sprouts are getting old enough now to come along and hang out and more or less occupy themselves. Our daughter was wearing some pirate clothes from the dressup bin and made a joyous cheerleader from the stands, shouting "Go mom! Great hit!", "Way to serve, Dad!". She had everybody in smiles, even the referee. Who can resist an enthusiastic 7 year old pirate? She just started taking a volleyball class, so she really enjoyed watching.

Now the kids want to go play wallyball together as a family at the gym, and I think we'll take them up on it. As soon as my muscles recover...

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Flatman said...

I too, am a volleyball junkie. But alas, it is not good for my three-surgeried knee... :(

I miss it alot.