Friday, December 17, 2010

Hob Nob With the Mob

I'm off to the Flash Mob dress rehearsal. Cross your fingers for me that I remember the choreography. Asa has, of course, been asked to be up front with her dancer friends. But in a mob of close to a thousand, that means I have to be...ulp... up front as well! This is where I put that "Ironmom" will to the test. You know you're fit if you not only have endurance, strength, speed, etc. but have coordination and grace and can make your body go where you want it to go. So here's the ultimate test.

UPDATE: Other than stepping on my friend Rebecca's toes once when I zigged instead of zagged, I did not embarass myself at choreography rehearsal. This was SO MUCH FUN!!! Everyone in my town is so excited about the Ducks going to the National Championships, it's going to be like one big party tomorrow, plus of course the fun flash mob in the middle of it all.

Also, doing that choreography five or six times counts as my workout for the day. Now I know why Asa is so tired when she comes home from all of her dance classes.

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trifitmom said...

a flash mob, i love it !!