Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Does Santa Wear Woolie Boolies? Sock Review

Do you think my hubby told Santa I was borrowing his socks all the time? Maybe that's why I got a pair in my Christmas stocking this year. Or perhaps it's because Santa wears Woolie Boolies himself up there in the frozen north and therefore knows that every good little trail runner deserves some to keep their feet toasty in the muddy mires of winter. These are the warmest and best socks I've ever found, so they went straight from my Christmas stocking and onto my feet, where they've been ever since.

Why are these socks so great? Here's a few reasons:

1. They Are Not Itchy! Though even the word  "wool" makes my skin crawl, these don't feel like any wool I've ever worn. The wool of my childhood was scratchy and miserable but we are lucky enough to live in a time when fabric technology has made clothing more comfortable than at any point in human existence. DeFeet has hit the perfect match of fibers to make a sock with the properties of wool but the comfort of your normal running socks.

2. They Are Just As Warm Wet as Dry: I accidentally put one of these into the wash and missed the other one, so when I went to wear them one of them was nice and dry and the other was still in the washing machine. I took the wet one out of the laundry and put them both on. Within minutes, you couldn't tell the difference in warmth between one foot and the other. When running on wet muddy trails where your shoes get soaked in an instant, this means your feet stay warm through the whole run.

3. They Keep Your Whole Body Warm: We try to keep our thermostat at about 60 degrees in the winter, and that means dressing warm enough around the house to be comfortable. I couldn't believe what a difference these socks meant in my overall body temperature. They're way better than even my fuzzy slippers at keeping me feeling comfortable and warm.

4. The Fit is Phenomenal: They fit really well, and they keep their shape. They don't bag, sag, or bunch up. When running, I don't get any hot spots or blisters with these socks on, even though they're slightly thicker than other running socks.

5. They Have Cute Little Sheep On Them: Okay, I know this isn't the world's biggest selling point, but I like a little cuteness and humor in my day. Who can resist socks with this cute little wooly fella and the word "Baah."? That's no "Baaah Humbug" by the way.

Made by DeFeet, the Woolie Boolies are the perfect sock for anyone who runs through the worst of the winter weather. Even though they didn't appear in my stocking, I happen to know that Santa is sending a pink pair of the cycling/running variety as well. I can't wait to try those out too.

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trifitmom said...

my bro in law just biked in the freezing cold and had those on.....had never heard of them till just this week. i want a pair ....