Monday, January 25, 2010

Hardest Arm Workout Evah: Photography

I'm supposed to be tapering for my swim meet this week, especially laying off any kind of lifting, Crossfit, or arm work. So I was not prepared for how Saturday's gig as a professional photographer would give me an arm workout that left me more sore than any Crossfit workout to date (and that's sayin' something!)

I was shooting this terrific dance performance where 15 - 20 of the region's best dance companies come together to perform as a benefit (this year for the local Humane Society animal shelter). I got to use a rented lens which is better than anything I own as it can shoot in very low light and still allows me to use a fast enough shutter speed to capture the fast-moving dance action (at least in most of the dances, some of them were lit so low it was still a challenge). The thing is, this lens weighs a TON! And as a photographer, you're holding it steady out in front of your face while moving and trying to capture the action. Between the tech rehearsals and the performance, it was about an 11-hour day of shooting. Crazy!

Lots of fun, but lots of sore.

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janasmama said...

for a minute I thought it was that particular dance move you photographed that was being referred to as the hardest arm work out evah! :)