Friday, January 08, 2010

Exciting New Endurance Fuel

So my son Mackenzie has been learning to cook some of my recipes. This is partly in self-preservation because at age 13, he needs to eat about every 23 nanoseconds. The other night he was making cornbread, but I forgot to tell him that you're not supposed to over-mix any non-yeast breads. So there he was merrily stirring and stirring away at the cornbread batter. Of course, when he baked it the batter didn't rise at all, instead turning out cornbread that was about 3/4" thick and incredibly dense.

We called them "Cornbricks".

Then I got to thinking, that might actually be a terrific homemade endurance food. Tired of bars and gels on a long bike ride? Just unwrap a cornbrick! All the flavor of cornbread, on the go. Now if we could just figure out a way to build in the butter and honey flavor into the middle, without all the mess.


Anonymous said...

can I be a guinea pig for the first few batches? lol...

Robin said...

Sure, they'd probably ship real well!