Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just mailed off the entry form for my first swim meet in 23 years. Yes, I'm not just going to stand on the deck like a coach, I'm going to get on the starting blocks (gee, hope I remember how to use them and not fall off into the pool). I am WAY nervous, even thinking about it. These pics are from 1987, the last time I got on a starting block wearing Oregon's Green & Yellow.

For some of the events in this meet, I had no idea what times to put down. I haven't really gotten in the pool and checked what I could do, but here's what I put on the form:

100 Fly: 1:27 - This one I really have no idea on the time, it's a very wild guess. I actually haven't even swum a 100 Fly in years, but I'm reasonably sure I can complete it without drowning. The reason I chose the 100 over the 50 is that I'm more likely to get points for the team since many more people swim the 50 Fly (for good reason!) so my chances are better. This one could get ugly.

200 Free: 2:21 - I might be able to swim this faster than my estimated time, who knows. Again, chose the 200 because it's a tough bitch of a race and no one wants to swim the 200.

500 Free: 6:35 - I think I can go faster than that, but we'll see. I swam a 6:38 in the 500 in last year's Sprint Tri but I got some drafting from the guy in front of me for the first 200 of it. Then again, I also knew I had to bike and run afterwards so I wasn't going all out at the end.

100 Free: 1:05 - I think this is probably the most accurate guess of all, because I have swum some 100's for time in the pool. I figure if I can do a 1:07 from the wall, I can probably go 1:05 in a meet, yeah??

1000 Free: 13:55 - Gulp! Don't really want to swim this, but again neither does anyone else so it's a good possibility I can take 1st in my age group. This time is a ballpark estimate, I don't usually swim this far without biking and running afterwards.

Other than that, hopefully I can swim in some relays too. I'm hoping we'll have enough women swimmers to have a women's relay.


midlife_swimmer said...

go for it! and have fun

cherelli said...

oh boy, those times are smoking fast. you should kick some butt i would think - but what do I know? I haven't been to a swim meet in many years either! Good luck!