Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Happens When Nervous Nellie Rides Again?

Getting back up on the horse isn't as easy as it sounds. My bike threw me once, and while I didn't take it out and shoot it, that particular bike (my commuter) is relegated to the back of the garage for now. But my sweet little triathlon bike wasn't to blame, and I've had it on the trainer for the last few weeks with no troubles, so why not take it out on the road?

That's exactly what I did yesterday, but I was surprised at how nervous I was! I took it easy and spun up the hills, not standing to climb so I wouldn't have to put any pressure on my still-healing arm. But going downhill I had a sudden attack of the chicken and started riding my brakes. My bike felt like it was all over the place, so wobbly that I could barely control it. I guess my nerves were getting the better of me and I slowed down even more. That's when I looked down and noticed my front tire was completely flat.

So I guess it wasn't my nerves making me all swervy after all, that's a relief. One changed tire later and I had a fine bike ride out in the sunshine. My legs are a little out of practice on the hills, but I'm sure that will come back with time.

As a side note, has anyone else noticed that they break valve stems frequently while changing tires? I've never broken one in my life until recently, and then someone posted on the Trifuel forums about how it seems like valve stems are being made cheaper and cheaper and they break all the time. Sure enough when I changed my tire, the stupid little end of the valve stem broke off in my inflator. If anyone has a recommendation for an inner tube made with quality valve stem construction, I'm all ears!

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Warrior said...

Hmmm, couldn't get the comment page to load. Hey how you doing? I am trying to prepare for a CD in the first week of October. ;-) Re tubes and valves.. I could probably send you a couple from France if you are interested. The might just be better quality...they might not..