Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kicking Off: 8 Weeks to Iron Girl Lake Tahoe Triathlon

I'm very excited to be racing at Iron Girl's beautiful Sprint triathlon at Lake Tahoe, Ca on September 18. Want to join me? I'm giving away a race entry on this blog, so comment and tell me why you would love to do this race! Doesn't this look like an amazing place to race?

Think you can't do your first triathlon? I've got a plan for you. Ironmom's Eight Weeks To Your First Triathlon plan is here for free. And here's the plan in an easily printable table format for your refrigerator door. Getting in the best shape of your life can happen by the end of the summer, and all you need to start off with is a bike (any old bike will do), some running shoes, and a swim suit and a plan.

If you're nowhere near Lake Tahoe, pick a September Triathlon near you and train with me. There's nothing like starting off the cold weather season having just challenged yourself to keep you encouraged through the winter months.


JenniferLeah said...

would love to if
1-airfare and hotel are included
2-hubby would not kill me for adding yeter ANOTHER tri to the schedule this year

Looks like an amazing place to race!

michelle and murph said...

already signed up for my FIRST tri...also Sept 18 here in Massachuasetts. I am finishing my first week of YOUR 8 week plan. Thanks for the inspiration.

Laurel said...

I just did my first triathlon this past Sunday and it was an awesome experience! I'd love to do a few more before the season is over and I can't imagine a better place to end the season than at Lake Tahoe and in the company of hundreds of other inspirational women, including Robin! :)

cherelli said...

Looks like a stunning place for a triathlon! Enjoy giving it away :)

Monika said...

I would LOVE to do this! I'm doing my first ever AquaBike event in two days...started swimming again in October to be ready for it. Been riding my bike lots but my running part is missing. (Just bought my first ever TRI suit at REI yesterday) I'd love to train using your 8 week plan!

David said...

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ThreeBoysFull said...

Hi!! I just came across your blog and am excited to read more. I have been eyeing the Iron Girl SL tri for months and have not commited. Only because I wonder what a low elevation girl like myself will do in high elevation. Any ideas? I am leaning towards signing up despite my reservations. I am in it for many other reasons besides how I perform.

I live about two hours away in Roseville CA. I have done two other sprint tri's in my life and loved it. (Luna Bar in 07 and 08) I haven't done a race since 08due to a spouse who took a job that requires a lot of travel and a new baby. Anyway, my heart wants to race again. Never have I felt better than when I was tri training.

Looking forward to exploring your eight week training plan. Best wishes with your ironman training. Sounds very exciting.