Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Don't Need A Boob Job or Lipo, I Need One Of These

In my unceasing quest to find a good rationale to buy this bike:

 No. Wait. Not just this BIKE. This amazing piece of road gorgeousness that would rock my whole triathlon-loving world...

In my unceasing quest to find a rationale that would sway hubby's cold, frugal heart, I hit upon the perfect argument. So I laid it on him when he came home from work last night.

(Me, sidling up to him with sweet smile): Hey honey, you know how a lot of guys buy their middle-aged wives boob jobs and tummy tucks and liposuction and face lifts and all that?

Him (not really paying attention): Umm. yeah.

Me: Well, that costs easily like $10,000 or more, right?

Him (becoming wary of where this conversation is headed): Um. Yeah.

Me: Well, that amazing Blue bicycle that I wanted would be less than that! And it would do just as good a job of keeping me looking amazing as any of that nasty surgery stuff.

Him (not even fazed by this argument): You already have terrific looking legs. That's why I married you. I don't think this bike will make them look any better than they already do.

Sigh. Foiled again. Back to the drawing board.


yaagTRI said... are officially a triathlon addict ;)

p.s nice bike!

Ironmom (Julie) said...

You should be pleased that he's not that easy to trick. :)

Marv said...

Good try...I have used this: "I can use all of cigarette money for this year to buy this bike."

Doesn't work that well either but ...

Some things are just worth finding a way for ..

cherelli said...

Hmm. Tough one...very smart could always say "I'll let myself go if I don't get that bike"...but he'll be on to that too, no way you'd let that happen....good luck with a creative solution :)

Warrior said...

you should have replied 'hell yeah'