Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Oh No She Didn't! Or Did She?

I haven't posted about it at all, but there's been this internal debate raging inside my head for a month or more now. It's that little urge that starts like a tickle at the back of your brain when you're a triathlete. That little tickle whispers in your ear "I want to do an Ironman." Well, another Ironman, that is. And everyone who knows you that's not a triathlete has this mistaken notion that since you've done one Ironman, you've Done It. You know. You've Gotten It Out of Your System. Right? Riiigggghhhhhht.

So that tickle becomes a voice, becomes an insistent voice, becomes an internal debate, becomes something you casually mention to your spouse (who not so casually says something similar to "No F*cking Way!") and then you wheedle and beg and reason and cajole and if you're lucky they're supportive like my hubby or maybe have amnesia and don't remember everything it took last time to do this crazy thing and they say Yes. Whereupon you go to the computer at midnight with your heart in your mouth thinking "Do I really want to do this crazy-assed thing? Really?" And you register.

Which is how it will come to pass that I'll be standing on the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene with 2500 of my best triathlon buddies on June 24 2012, ready to do Ironman CdA! Let the madness begin.


Marv said...

YES! Love it ! It's crazy! There is a saying that it is that bit of insanity that keeps us sane.

Broken arm and all ... I would put my money on you. Heck, I am getting excited just reading and writing about it.

Robin said...

Thanks Marv! I'm all nervous just thinking about it, and it's so far away.

Trail Smitten Mom said...

AWESOME! Still trying to talk myself into doing a half iron at this point. That's crazy enough for me right now. Happy training!

cherelli said...

Woohoo!! I'm excited for you - I would love to do Im CdA sometime - if only because that area looks beautiful and it would be a nice way to see it :) I think I saw your post over in Trifuel a little while back, was one of your persuasion techniques "I'll drive myself and save money by camping in the Westfalia Vanagon"? Anyways, happy planning, will you coach yourself? I think you'll do awesome - but perhaps elbow pads should become part of your everyday wear? ;)

Robin said...

Yes, I'm definitely going to need to camp out, which will make it interesting to say the least getting ready for the race! I figure, you never sleep the night before an IM anyways, right?

I'm going to coach myself, so right now I'm reading through all kinds of training plans to see what will work best. Thanks!

Shane said...

Love it!! Great that you've chosen to once again take the bull by the horns then kick his arse:)

Good luck for the coming year.