Friday, October 22, 2010

Trying to break the sugar addiction... again

How is it that a person can be in amazing shape, be eating so darned healthy, have just done a half-Ironman, take a week off afterwards (I deserve it, right?) to just slack off of training and maybe even have a piece of cake at my daughter's birthday party and BLAMMO! Within days I'm back to being addicted to sugar.

You know those freaky meth ads?

This would be me on sugar if I let it go on for a couple more weeks. My kids would find me passed out on the floor after crawling desperately toward the laundry cupboard where I've been hiding the Lindt white chocolate coconut bars... This stuff is Addictive with a capital A. No wonder we have health problems as a nation. It's everywhere, and never more so than this time of year. Just try to walk into a store without being overwhelmed by the Halloween Candy aisle. At least I don't work in an office anymore where people bring in their leftover 83 tons of the stuff and leave it in the lunchroom for other people to feed their addictions. But one of the moms of our kids' robotics team brought in caramel corn for a snack last week, and let's just say I'm glad that six teenage boys were clustered around the bowl because I seriously might've eaten the whole thing.

I'm posting this for accountability. It's been a month since the race and I need to get myself back with the right eating habits. I feel just yucky and I know if it continues it will be a downward spiral. I'd like to say I'm throwing away the rest of the Lindt white chocolate bars, but the truth is I ate them. So I guess now's as good a time as any to not buy any more, right? Right?


Alisa said...

Hello, my name is Alisa and I'm also addicted to sugar. When I give it up, the first few days are hell but then it's bliss---I don't crave it or anything. However, I'm the same way, one bite of anything sugary and I'm the girl who NEEDS more.

Most say "everything in moderation" I can't do sugar in moderation =(.

Valerie said...

Hi. My name's Valerie. And I'm a Sugar Addict.

I'm right there with you, Robin.

cherelli said...

Oh I so very much know where you are with this. A friend offered me jelly beans on a hike recently...and for around 3 years I really hadn't been a fan of concentrated sugar like that...but then I ate a few...then bought a few for my next hike....and now I am in the sugar rut. Even if I start out my day 3pm I lose any sense of willpower. To the point I shouldn't be allowed to do the shopping. Good luck quitting, I'll be trying to do the same!!

TriHeart said...

URGHH!! Can I ad my name to the list! I seriously have a problem. I start the morning out well, but then all I can think about is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate by the end of the day.