Monday, October 18, 2010

Toe Shoes: The Trend of the Year??

I admit it, I'm a numbers geek. There's no possible way I could have a blog without looking at the stats. Frequently. Who visits here, where they come from, how they got here, why the heck they're interested in what I have to say. It used to be that the biggest keyword searches from Google and Bing would be for swimming workouts, my triathlon checklist, or recipes. But those days are gone.

For now is the Time of the Toeshoes. Vibram has captured the fascination of the running community and increasingly of the occasional athletes and wannabe runners. It used to be that when I wore my Fivefingers in public, people gawked, stared, and asked me what the heck they were. Now they only ask me if I run in them, and how far, and what I think of them. Because of course they're thinking of getting some. Because apparently everyone in this universe is thinking of getting some. Maybe I exaggerate just a tad, since I live in the running capital of our galaxy. So maybe in, say, Burnt Corn Alabama or Hoople North Dakota people would still gawk and stare at my funny feet. But there's no denying, there's a trend in the making here.

Check out my list of most popular Search keywords and tell me what you think:

1. running toe shoes
2. running shoes with toes
3. toe shoes running
4. toe running shoes
5. ironmom
6. toe shoes for running
7. new toe shoes
8. sugar hangover
9. short models
10. gym shoes with toes

Yes, I too am curious about those people who found my blog via searching for "short models" or "sugar hangover". I'm not sure I have even written about short models, but maybe I should start dreaming up more posts about them. Maybe if I posted a photo of short models wearing nothing but running toe shoes, my blog would be the most popular in the universe. Or maybe I'll just keep writing about triathlon and training and stuff. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Kristin said...

ha ha!! Pretty funny!!

Marv said...

I don't have a clue where "Burnt Corn, Alabama" is. Those folks are probably far out of the loop, I would imagine. They are not up to date like us folks here in Bugtussle, Texas. I have heard some of that funny footwear folks have all in the rage. Haven't seen none though. Don't know how they would stand up to parting cow chips in the pasture...might be just the thang. : )

Robin said...

Well Marv, I can't say as I've walked through cow chips in them, but unfortunately I ran through some rather urban dog poo in them today and let's just say they're now in the washing machine. I'll take cow chips any day!

tinaparker87 said...

Just keep writing Robin. You have lots to tell and share! You are amazing.

ATW said...

Robin- Great Post!! I have been training in them going on two years now. I do mainly crossfit and Gym jones workouts with them. Recently during my ultra a few weeks ago I saw a guy run the whole 50 with them on. I couldn't believe it. The trail was so technical. But this dude was happy as a bee, so unreal.