Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween-Theme Swim Workout

Here's my swim workout for the Masters this weekend, on a theme of Halloween. Fun! 

DRILL: One-arm Free, other arm trailing

2  X  (200 S, 100 Dr  100 K  200 P)

3 x

100 Hard
100 Alternating stroke/Free by 25s
100 Legs: Kick
100 Light and Easy
100 Over/Under
100 Wait 10 seconds then sprint to catch the next person
100 Easy
100 Each Stroke Once (IM)
      100 Nearly All Out
      )  r. 15

200 Cool

4100 yards


Alisa said...

ooooh, if i get to the pool tomorrow I'm soooo stealing this workout. If not, I'll bring Halloween into next week.

Christy said...

This past Friday we did speed drills and I honestly thought I was going to die! LOL!

tinaparker87 said...

Remind me what over/under is?

Robin said...

Over/Unders are where you swim 25 on top of the water (stroke of choice) and then 25 under water. For the 100 Over/Under, we did 25 over, 25 under, 25 over, 25 under.

tinaparker87 said...

Thanks Robin. I will try this one tonight.