Monday, May 03, 2010

Taking a Deep Breath!

You know how when your life is just going on from day to day, things seem to work pretty well. But then along comes something really important, something you really want to accomplish, and that's when stuff gets dicey. For instance, say you want to get something done on your computer, like creating a video. All of a sudden, batteries fail, and the ones you thought were charged are not, and then you can't find the cords to connect the camera to the computer because the kids were using them to make stop-action animation. And the camera cards are all filled up with photos of animated pieces of claymation. Then the music you want to use won't load because the file got corrupted by iTunes, and the movie editing software keeps crashing. It's like the whole world is conspiring against you. Aaarrrrgghhhhh! At least my hard drive didn't crash this time.

Thanks heavens for my teenage technology wizard, Mackenzie to the rescue! He got me all straightened out, worked the camera, taught me how to edit in the movie making software, and generally smoothed it all down for me. The end result is my video submission for Team Evotri. They are adding a new member to their team, and their mission statement is eerily similar to my own personal one:

Team members will "dedicate themselves to maximizing their potential, to sharing what they learn from their experiences, and to making a positive contribution to the endurance sport community." That's why I've had their Evotri Ambassador link in my blog for some time, I believe that they are approaching endurance sports with exactly the right frame of mind, and so when they announced that they were looking for another team member, I definitely wanted to put in my submission.

For me, being on their team would be the triathlon opportunity of a lifetime, so if you have some spare good thoughts this week, send them my way and cross your fingers that my video speaks to them and that I'm what they're looking for. There's lots of great candidates submitting videos, so it will be tough competition. Then again, so is the sport of triathlon and so is life!


janasmama said...

I really hope everything lines up for you on this one. It is perfect for you and your magic will touch even more lives. You are an amazing team player and if I ever needed someone dependable, reliable and resourceful I wouldn't hesitate to come to you first.

Plus, having someone around who can always capture your good side on film is always an ego boost. ;)

pkkcmason said...

They need you on their team. Triathlon needs you for the sport. Good luck COACH!!!


TriHeart said...

You definitely embody Team Evotri's mission. As a new mom, you inspire me to reach for my goals in triathlon not just for myself but also to be an example for my daughter of how to live a healthy, active, fulfilling life and go after her dreams.