Friday, May 07, 2010

Brick Baby, Brick!

I know my season is starting later than many of you all out there, mostly due to not signing up for any Spring Sprints due to the broken arm. But my first race is 4 weeks away and so the first brick workout of the season was today and man, it felt great!

Only big question on my mind: I run WAY smoother and WAY more comfortably and probably a bit faster in my Vibram Five Fingers shoes. They are, however, a major pain to get on and getting them on fast would be difficult. Should I attempt to use them in a sprint triathlon? Would the time savings in the run, plus overall just FEEL of my run (remember, running is my weakest sport and it rarely feels this fun) be worth the hassle of putting them on?

I'm going to try some timings (timed runs in toe shoes vs. regular shoes, timed transitions with toe shoes vs. regular shoes) and attempt to answer this question in the next two weeks. I have no doubt it would be worth it in an Oly distance, but I have my doubts for the sprint. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

I feel you on the brick AND the comfort in the toe shoes. I feel the exact same way everytime I run in mine.

Keep brickin away!!