Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eleven Miles Never Felt So Good

Yes, Robin 2.0 the Endurance Model is back! After what has seemed like a crazy string of interruptions to my regular training (including the twisted ankle, the detour into "Crossfit Endurance", and the broken arm), I finally feel like I'm back in the Endurance saddle again. An eleven mile run of mostly hills today left me feeling elated and strong. I was trying to hold a 10:00 per mile pace, nice and slow. On the way out, my benchmark went by a little fast at a 9:42 pace. Imagine my surprise when the same benchmark on the way back home, nine miles later clocked in at 9:26. I was clearly feeling stronger and stronger as time went by. That's the way  I want my season to be headed!

This week, my first-time triathlon peeps and I are doing our final tough workouts (biking and lake swim on the docket for the next couple of days) and fine-tuning transitions, then we're tapering, packing up the camper van and heading north for the Blue Lake triathlon the first weekend in June. Getting excited now! It's like the broken arm and all of the rest are fading into distant memories (well, except when I swim long, then the arm starts to remind me it's not all there) and we're headed forward into the triathlon future. Now just don't let me trip over my own two feet in the next couple of weeks!

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Anonymous said...

sounds great...I'm excited for you..and am sure you'll do VERY well!