Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Hills Come Back Alive

Our little home Crossfit gym has spawned a group that's going to go and do their first triathlons at Blue Lake this year. So with the weather getting marginally better, it's been time to head out on more runs and bikes and spend less time throwing kettlebells and medicine balls around.

We've done some great track workouts, often taking the bikes and trainers down to the track to do bike/run repeats. Friday we met up at a local park that's at the bottom of a butte with a nice road running to the top providing a few hundred feet of elevation gain over a short distance. Just perfect for hill repeats! This is the first time I've been on the hills with my arm, and it held up pretty well. Until you do something like injuring your elbow, you don't realize what a horizontal load you place on your arms when you're climbing on the bike, but it takes a lot of strength in those muscles and joints to stabilize the bike as you stand up and grind up a hill.

All is well though, and I think I'm good to start adding hills back into the repertoire. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

ahh...glad to hear the running with the elbow went well...very nice

Warrior said...

You my dear are becomming a philosopher, I Love your stuff.

janasmama said...

I loved that morning. Everything about it. Especially the drizzle and looking forward to getting a little view at the top of the hill.