Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers Success Story

Here's a great little story about a runner who overcame an IT Band injury and completed the Boston Marathon in Vibram Five Finger shoes, which he has only been running in since February! I think this is really interesting because my hubby was unable to run due to knee problems until he recently got some Vibram KSOs. Now he can run without knee pain where he couldn't before.

Here's  a quote from this article, the guy had a terrific time of 3:25:15 and an almost even split (hard to accomplish).

I felt so great; my split between the 40K and the finish was 10 minutes, close to a 7:25 pace! I felt like I could have just kept running a few more miles after the finish and had never felt so strong at the end of a marathon (which I attribute to the efficiency of running in VFFs). I ran the last five miles with a huge smile on my face. I had forgotten how fun it was to run naturally and pain free! Two days later, my legs feel great, and my IT Band has not acted up at all. While this race was far from a personal best, it was the most fun I have EVER had running.

Now that's impressive! If I ever run another stand-alone marathon, I think it will have to be in my VFFs!

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Kathleen Shannon Gobeille said...

I, too, have been suffering from IT Band syndrome since 2006. I did the works: PT off an on for years, acupuncture, massage, inserts for my shoes and nothing worked. I took up barefoot running in January and snagged my first pair of KSOs in February, and I have been running pain free every since!