Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yah, I'm Thinking That's It

My Crossfit workout today SUCKED... wind that is. I was gasping like a fish out of water, seeing dark spots in front of my eyes. Things that are normally relatively easy like wallballs were killing me. I was getting kind of pissed with myself to be honest 'cuz I hate it when I can't seem to do what I know I can do.

And a few other things have fallen into place, like the fact that I've had RLS (restless leg syndrome, for those of you never plagued with this horrible feeling like electric ants are crawling all over your legs when you're trying to sleep) and the fact that I've been munching on ice like crazy (though I could excuse that with the fact that it's in the 90's here for the first time this summer). Those are both good indicators for me that the ol' red blood cell count is way low. It's like living at 10,000 feet elevation, anything you try to do is twenty times harder.

So in the end, my little temper tantrum with myself being over and all, it's a good thing, because it means that most likely everything else is on target and once this gets cleared up I'll still be on track for a good race or two this year. Stay tuned....

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