Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kick Your Ass Up and Down the Pool With This One

One thing I'm really loving about doing the Crossfit Endurance (CFE) workouts is that its got me thinking of new and different ways to approach swimming sessions. I have to say that many of the CFE workouts just don't translate all that well to the pool. Like the 20:10 workout for instance. You're supposed to sprint for exactly 20 seconds, then stop and rest for 10 seconds. You can imagine how well that goes over in the lap lane of a public pool. Sure, go all out, passing everyone right and left, then stop dead still and watch everyone pile up behind you like a traffic accident in rush hour. That would really make you the most popular person in the lane, right? Luckily, a 50m takes me just about 20 seconds exactly so I just rest at the ends, but it leaves me wondering what other folks whose lap times don't coincide so neatly do in their lap lanes.

Nevertheless, I've been thinking more on how to translate intensity in new and different ways into my Master's Swim workouts. After all, there's only so many ways you can slice and dice lap swimming before it gets repetitive. The set I wrote up for this morning's Masters workout ended up being a really good one:

6 x (25
75) all on the :60, no rounders.

These are ALL hard. So you do a hard 25 on the :60, then a hard 50, then a hard 75. You can pick a different interval than :60, but it should be one that you can BARELY complete the 75 on with maybe a couple of seconds rest, then you're back into the 25. Don't let the 25 become a cruise, you've got to hit it just as hard as the 75. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. It's a toughie!


Coachhrd said...

Sounds like a good workout. I LOVE to get new swimming workout ideas!


sounds dope as hell!