Monday, July 13, 2009

Just the Facts Ma'am

My dad was a career law-enforcement officer all the years of my childhood, going from a police officer before I was born to the FBI to a rural county sheriff in Oregon to a US Marshall. So it was no surprise that shows like Dragnet and Columbo are the ones I remember gracing our old cabinet TV in my childhood. I have vague before-bedtime memories of Columbo's flashlight searching through the darkness and Joe Friday's gruff voice through my bedroom walls Although Sergeant Joe Friday never actually said "Just the facts ma'am" ("All we want are the facts." was the actual phrase used), this cultural idiom is more or less one of my triathlon training mantras.

So it is that I couldn't resist going out yesterday and trying another 10k time trial to see if my iron regimen is having an effect. I've had the general feeling that it is for sure as my workouts have improved greatly this week but I'm the kind of triathlon geek that wants the cold hard facts (Ma'am)

Two weeks ago, in a red-blood-cell deficient oxygen debt, my 10k mile splits were:
8:45 pace, 8:50, 9:07, 9:20, 9:43, and 9:58. Total: 55:37 or a 9:16 average

Yesterday I went 8:49, 8:51, 8:53, 8:51, 8:50, 8:45 for a 10k of 54:35 or an 8:47 average. Not yet into my normal zone for this year but signifigantly better than two weeks ago! And best of all I felt like I was cruising at a steady hard aerobic pace, not falling apart at the seams like two weeks ago. Yippeee!

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TriGirl 40 Something said...

Those are some sweet splits! Sounds like the program is working for you now - especially now that your counts are in a much better range. Exciting stuff