Thursday, June 05, 2008

Waving To Italy

I don't spend a lot of time checking my blog stats, but every now and then I do and get a fun little surprise. Like this week I discovered that my nifty little triathlon checklist is being visited by bunches of Italian triathletes from a triathlon forum over there. So I thought I would just give a wave to all of you from this side of The Big Pond. Hello Italy!

My family and I will be biking through your lovely countryside on our tandems this September, which I am really looking forward to. I am even practicing my Italian daily so I don't have to say "Scusi, parlate inglese? Io parla italiano non molto bene" all the time. And if you're ever in Oregon, USA, drop me in line and I would love to give you a tour through our own beautiful cycling wine country!


albevita said...

I Robin,
I gave the link to your blog in a tread about "what you need for..".
I hope it doesn't regret you.
Let us know when you will be in Italy.

Robin said...

No, that's fine! That's what I put it up there for. Ciao!