Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Vision of Bicycling Hell and a Ride to Heaven

Every cyclist's worst nightmare: This, at an intersection I passed on my bicycle six times that day. The cyclist was killed, not apparent yet who was at fault in the accident but the sad truth that when car and cyclist meet, it's the cyclist who is in danger, regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

So with all of that on my mind, I turned out of my driveway on my tri bike and hit my favorite ride: out into the wine country south of my home. Let me give you a little imagery of what it's like to bike out here in our neck of the country this time of year:

Rolling hills, green pastures, wild iris, poppies, roses, and apple blossoms, bird song: chickadees, varied thrush, red-wing blackbirds, meadowlarks, and the fluting melody of the tiny wrens. A whole flock of bright yellow golfinches burst from the bushes, a pheasant strolls with his awkward squawk across the road. 11 miles into the ride there's the hill. Still early enough in the season that I have to stand up and huff and puff my way up. Over the top I descend into a tiny valley covered with vineyards on the south-facing slopes, emerald pastures and wooded hillsides to the north. The dark slate clouds alternate with bursts of sun for dramatic lighting over all.

Bicycling Heaven.

Ride safely everyone.

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Jason said...

Unfortunately there is the dangerous side to cycling. I guess it is a risk versus pleasure decision. Like so many people I still choose to take that risk. I'm just more mindful of the dangers as I've grown up a bit.