Monday, June 09, 2008

A Study In Contrasts

Fifty-two degrees. FIFTY-TWO DEGREES! That's what that blue water behind us registered on the thermometer. And that measurement was taken in the shallow, and relatively warm water, compared to the depths beyond (where it was maybe 49 or so). What I love though is how we're all in these nice thick rubber wetsuits freezing our butts off, and my kids are in.... yep... bathing suits! Gawd, to be a kid again. I used to swim in the Pacific Ocean in November in a speedo, now a lake like this just spells "ice cream headache".

But cold water aside, our TNT training weekend for Pacific Crest was a ton of fun. I'll have a full report later, with more photos. But suffice it to say, that lake was COLD!

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