Monday, June 02, 2008

Triathlon Checklist

Google Docs now has the ability to post spreadsheets, doc files, and presentations online, so I thought I'd share my basic triathlon checklist. I print this list out and go over it the week before a race, leaving me plenty of time to buy anything I'm missing from the list. Then I use it to pack my gear bag up the night before, and I check everything off as it goes in the bag or the car. That way when I get up in the morning, I don't have the urge to go plowing through my bag to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. For some reason, some of the formatting got messed up when I imported it, but all the basic data is there. I give this list out to anyone I coach as well. Hopefully it may be useful to someone here.


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hi there Ironmom, thanks for the checklist.


Toni said...

Thanks, Robin! I'm packing up for tomorrow. You are a wonderful coach and friend!