Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Toe Report

Today's forecast is for happiness with increasing mobility, slight chance of stiffness in the morning and plenty of taking it easy.

Yes, the toe is really and truly well. Theory #2 seems to be proving correct, although I'm still going to give it some time and let it heal up. I did go ice skating with my daughter yesterday and had a blast - it didn't hurt at all (but oh my thighs are paying for it today!!). And I'm still cycling and swimming, but I've put running on hold for awhile.

I went and swam today with my Masters guys, which I haven't done in at least six months. It's so much more fun to swim a workout with other people, I've really missed it! I swam behind The Barge, one of our lane's biggest and fastest guys, and managed to keep up my mantra "follow the bubbles, don't lose the bubbles" through a set of 21 hundreds on the 1:30. Phew! The last hundred we did for time, and even with my spastic one-footed kick and one-foot flip turns, I managed to turn a 1:11. I'm thinking that all that solo swimming as well as increasing my pulling time leading up to Ironman (and because of my foot, post-Ironman as well) has given me a lot more upper-body in my stroke. I'm predicting that as soon as I can kick with both feet, I'm going to be faster than I've been in decades. I'm thinking I might tackle the State Masters swim meet this spring maybe. Haven't swam in a swim meet in 20 years or so, it should be entertaining at the least!

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