Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cool New Coaching Toys

The pool where I coach just got a video camera system, something I've been wanting to use with my swimmers for awhile. If I had a digital video camera myself, I would've brought one in to use, but we sunk our money into a digital SLR this year (which I am, of course, overjoyed over!).

I'm really excited to try this out, since it's often hard to explain to swimmers exactly what they're doing and what it looks like. This will be really useful. Of course, I'd love to get my hands on something really sophisticated like this Dartfish system that Drew posted about on his blog , but in the meantime, I'm just happy being able to show people what their arms are actually doing, as opposed to what they think they're doing.


Drew Holmes said...

Robin, i will try and post some screen shots or video on my blog of the dartfish system, I am scheduled to do it next Monday. i read your comment and check ed out your blog and that was crazy......Oregon? I am from Oregon. Skydiving team? I was on a skydiving team......did a ironman/doing an ironman....seperated at birth are we?

Robin said...

Cool, I'd love to see more about how the dartfish works in action.

And funny about all the parallels, we've probably run into each other somewhere at a skydive boogie or something. I jumped from '90 to 2000, mostly in Washington but sometimes in Mollala or Ralph Hatley's place in Eagle Creek.