Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Incredible Post-Marathon Recovery

I can still recall the last time I ran a marathon what my legs felt like the next day. Going down stairs was an agony, I wished for handrails on any chair I had to sit down in. I moved like a geriatric, shuffling around (isn't it called the "post-marathon shuffle?"), and the idea of moving fast, squatting, or jumping would be enough to make me cringe. Talking with other endurance athlete friends, it seems like this is the norm.

This time is different. I hate to keep beating the Paleo drum, but I've been doing endurance sports for over 25 years and my body has never recovered better than during this year of Paleo eating. Let's just say I felt so good the day after my trail marathon that I literally was jumping for joy, and I had to make a little video to share it with you:


JenniferLeah said...

that's awesome!! congrats on the trail marathon AND feeling fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wait, they have trail marathons?!? Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, but I couldn't justify damaging my body with the constant pounding on pavement. I will be looking into this!

And yes, the speed of recovery eating paleo is ASTONISHING. Keep beating the paleo drum!

Robin said...

Well, it was a solo, self-supported trail marathon (see previous post where I wrote up the whole adventure). It was awesome!

George said...

Good stuff!

Chuck said...

good for you