Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dim The Lights, Put On Some Music, I'm Massaging My...... Kale???

Obviously, I live under a rock.Unbeknownst to me, all of my friends are massaging kale and I simply had No. Idea. None. How could this trend pass me by? Maybe it's because I don't shop at Whole Foods, where there is apparently a wonderful massaged kale salad in the salad bar. Alas, my little organicky local market is not nearly that trendy.

Since I am so behind the times, I had to jump right in and make a massaged kale salad as soon as I heard about it today. All it takes is some kale, easy enough to find in Northwest gardens this time of year. Normally, I would be growing simply enormous chard and kale in my garden right now, but my garden has been bulldozed for this summer's landscaping project, so I had to go and buy some at the store.

I plunged my hands right in, adding some salt, some lime, and some avocado to the mix, it was a very sensory experience to be sure. Kind of like using Play-Doh and finger paints in kindergarten all over again. When the massaging was done, the kale was tender and yummy, and all I needed to do was figure out what to add to it. In today's case, I threw in some minced garlic, a teaspoon of stone ground mustard, a teaspoon of maple syrup, and some balsamic vinegar. Then topped it with slivered almonds and dried cranberries. I can see that there could be many variations on the kale massaging theme though, and I can't wait to try more of them out!

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