Saturday, April 23, 2011

Whose Toes Are Those??

There are two great passions in my life, things so overwhelmingly "me" that I can't separate where I begin and they end. One is swimming, and the other is photography. Even without a camera in my hand, my mind is always seeing with a photographer's eye. I can't help it. So it's always exciting to me to see one of my photos get published (especially when I get paid for it, and can squirrel money away in my photography equipment fund).

In this case, it's doubly cool, because:

A) It's an article about barefoot running, which I'm always excited to see get good press. This one is in Outdoor Sports Guide and

B) Those are my feet! And my original Vibram Five Fingers Sprints.

And to tie both of my interests together this year, I just got a little camera for my birthday that can go underwater, at least for a few feet. So hopefully I'll be able to shoot some underwater video for swim coaching, and for articles here.


Tri-James said...

Awesome - you photo and you in print!

michelle and murph said...

I have tried running all my life. I have always wanted to love it..but I always hate it. I have been reading about barefoot running for awhile. Reading you articles was the final push. I have been barefoot running now for one month and LOVE IT. Today I turn 44 years old.

Robin said...

That is so awesome to hear!!! I feel the same way about barefoot running, it made me finally love running.