Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chuck Norris, The Ironman, My Kind of Shirt

Meet my new favorite shirt. First of all, I should explain that I often hang out with bunches of teens, many of them karate-heads. Chuck Norris' name comes up in conversation frequently. You'd think the guy's fame would ebb away some day, but not anytime soon, that's for sure. A subset of my son's friends even use Chuck Norris as a sort of mild expletive, as in "I hit my Chuck Norrising head on the door!" All of that combines to make this shirt irresistible to me.

 There may be one thing I've done that Chuck Norris (the "world's greatest human" according to this book) will probably never do, but I am still very impressed with his karate of course. I'm actually reading his book The Secret Power Within: Zen Solutions to Real Problems, and it's quite good.

By the way, I got the shirt from the folks at Punk Rock Racing, and they were amazingly fast with shipping and great with handling the transaction! This was my little funny present to myself after completing my black belt.

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