Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seven Paleo Power Breakfasts

Most days my breakfasts look pretty similar: eggs, veggies, maybe some meat or spices. It can get boring, and often I resort to the same old breakfast over and over. Lately I've been experimenting on different combos so that I can keep my breakfast days interesting. Mostly it just requires having a few different ingredients on hand so that I can always switch things up.

So here's a few variations of healthy Paleo-style breakfasts (mostly Paleo, though some have dairy, by which I mean raw goat's milk or cheeses made from raw milk). I add the following to two scrambled eggs (or four if it's for hubby and I):

1. Smoked salmon, spinach, and feta cheese

2. What my kids call "Special Eggs", I scramble the eggs with sun-dried tomato pesto, then add sheep's milk feta cheese and chives

3. Italian-style: Fresh basil, oregano, red pepper, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes.

4. The Bacon Burger: bacon, onions, and ground beef (like a hamburger for breakfast, without the bun!). Slice tomato and avacado on top

5. Taco Eggs: Usually leftovers from the last night's taco salad: sliced tomatoes, ground beef with taco seasoning, grilled onions, roasted chilis. I scramble the eggs with some salsa, and then top heavily with guacamole

6. Shrimp and roasted red peppers with carmelized onions

7. The Mega-Veggie: Sautee onions, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and garlic, then throw in the eggs and scramble


midlife_swimmer said...

i usually use spinach onions and broccoli with some bell pepper of some color and sharp cheddar I mince the broccoli stalks in with the onions and saute

W Lo said...

hey, sorry, this is not the place for the following comment, but i couldnt find your email address. Do you use twitter? i would love to follow you there, i am a (kinda) triathlete and (not-kinda) parent of a beautiful 1.5 year old. I loved reading your stories and look forward to more!

Robin said...

Thanks for following, I have a Twitter button on the sidebar of my blog!

chris mcpeake said...

great breakfasts!
I tend to end up with the same old boring breakfast daily.