Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Days of Sun and Roses

True Confession: I hate running in a rain jacket. I hate the way it makes that swish swish sound, especially if you have the hood up. I hate the way you get clammy and sweaty inside, even if it says "breathable" on the label. I hate the way none of them are ever, EVER waterproof. Note: if you're a raincoat manufacturer and you think you can prove me wrong, please send me one to test here in Oregon's wetter side. I've tried so many!

I always feel better when the sun comes out to stay for a few days, even if it's cold and the trees are still leafless and bare. Taking the dogs for a walk when it's NOT pouring down rain is a real treat. And running in the sun with only a couple of layers of clothes? Heaven. In the last two weeks, I've only run twice, total. I've missed my trail runs with Adventure Dog. I've missed my little slice of peace and quiet and time to myself. In the chaos that was this weekend, I quickly became overwhelmed with noise and activity and needing to be "on" all the time.

So today's run was wonderful, blissful, regenerating. The sun has climbed in the sky 'til it's no longer hovering on the southern horizon. It's capable of generating some warmth, enough to let me remove a layer about 20 minutes into the run. And now I feel almost human again. Friday's trail run should put me the rest of the way there.

I know some of my East Coast friends are in the aftermath of some hellish storms. They've been shoveling feet of snow and unable to get outside easily. I wish I could package up some sunshine and send it to you all.

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