Monday, January 03, 2011

Paleo Challenge: Ground Zero

It's Moment Zero today for the 30 Day Paleo Challenge. I moved all of the chocolate and anything else tempting down to the basement cupboards. If hubby or the kids want some, at least I won't have to see it! I don't really like much in the way of sweet stuff, but giving up my daily dark chocolate habit will be HARD, no doubt about it.

I also went to Trader Joe's today and stocked up on veggies and nuts. Tried to get some different stuff that would be interesting palate-wise so I don't get bored. Also got some seafood and just in case I need a carb fix I got a small thing of figs. I figured one of those babies would do in a pinch ;-)

I'm not going to bore you with a daily blow-by-blow of Paleo eating, but my general plan (which is pretty much how I usually eat these days anyways) is:

Breakfast: Big egg/veggie scramble. I try to mix this up from day to day so I don't get bored. Mushrooms/spinach/bacon is one favorite combo, another is green pepper/zucchini/onions, and sausage/sun-dried tomato pesto in another.

Lunch: Often a salad. Lately it's been Lamb's lettuce with leftover holiday turkey. Sometimes I do tuna fish on celery, or other stuff. Usually some kind of fresh greens with some kind of meat that's not hot. Either that or leftovers. Today I had some leftover Turkey Soup that was really spicy and yummy on such a cold day.

Dinner: Variations on a theme of "How many different ways can I combine meat and vegetables and not get bored?" Stir fries are good, curries are also good, especially if mixed with coconut milk. Taco salad is my hubby's perennial fave. Mine is usually a good, really spicy pasta sauce served over steamed cauliflower.

Snacks: Some nuts, dried coconut, fresh snacky veggies like carrot sticks, and if I'm exercising I might have piece of fruit or some applesauce or yams.

That's it. It's not tough, though it can get boring. The rest of the family will probably complain some as I get very uninspired to cook things like my homemade Mac-and-Cheese or pizza for the kids when I don't even get to have a bite. Eventually after the challenge, I'll try to go back to my usual 80/20 or 90/10 eating, which is to say most of the time I eat pretty paleo, but I'll have half a piece of pizza or something when I feel like it. Plus the dark chocolate. Sigh. The dark chocolate, how I will miss thee!


Christy said...

Maybe you could incorporate a mac'n cheeze kinda day...???

Good luck!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Bummer about the dark chocolate, that's actuall ypretty healthy!

Robin said...

Healthy in moderation yes, but for a month it has to go. The problem is, once the holidays go by, my moderation goes out the window. I look at the 30 day challenge as an opportunity to reboot my healthy eating. Then I can approach dark chocolate again as a small treat instead of an everyday obsession!