Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kill Yourself in the Pool: Swim An Entire Swim Meet

I gave them fair warning. I threatened to do this last year. Half of our Master's team went off to a swim meet in Portland this weekend. The rest of the swimmers who showed up for practice today were met with quite a workout!

Here's what I came up with: We're going to swim the entire siwm meet. Every event, in order. Lots of groans. Especially when they realized the last event is the 1000 Free. Oh yeah, and there's a 400 IM in there, and a 200 Fly, and a 500 Free. Oh yeah.

Today's workout: "The Swim Meet":

Warmup: 150 Swim, 150 Kick, 150 Pull

500 Y     Free
100 Y     Back
200 Y     Fly
50 Y     Breast
100 Y     Free
200 Y     Breast
50 Y     Fly
400 Y     IM
100 Y     Breast
200 Y     Free
50 Y     Back
200 Y     IM
100 Y     Fly
200 Y     Back
50 Y     Free
100 Y     IM
1000 Y     Free


Kathy said...

That looks like FUN! thanks for the great idea (well, except that 200 fly)!

Keen Bean Company said...

Hello! I just recently been tuning into your blog and really enjoy it. Love this swim workout suggestion - it does seem like alot of fun (fins will be involved for a few :) thanks!

Robin said...

Thanks, glad it's helpful. This actually was a fairly fun workout (despite all of our kveching) but hard!

Kathy said...

Well, I made it through the 200IM I had to guess on all the mileage. I finished with 680 free and my arms are DEAD from all that fly. I haven't done fly in over 20 years! :) Thanks again.

Tara said...

THanks for the great workout. I was looking for something fun to do this AM and poof there was your post. My arms are dead from the fly!

Robin said...

Heck, it's three days later and my arms are STILL dead from that fly!