Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Snap: Prissy Dog Meets The Elements

Normally Small Evil Dog does not like bad weather. She's really a prissy Manhattanite kind of dog - she would do well in a toasty apartment being taken out for walks wearing an Oscar de la Renta custom doggie sweater. She's not really bred for the harsh Northwest winters of sleet and freezing rain. This may be TMI, but if you put her out in the rain to do her business, she won't even walk out onto the wet cold lawn. She'll go to the edge of the deck and hang her dainty behind off and poo with all four feet planted squarely on the decking. That's when she doesn't just decide to heck with it and poo on the deck. Any wonder I call her Small Evil Dog?

But when the snow fell this week and the kids headed outdoors with great whoops of joy, sleds in hand to slide down our hill on a scant quarter inch of slushy white stuff, both dogs followed and romped around in the snow. Now in this photo, Callie looks like she's wishing she could head quickly back in by the fire, but she really did have a good time in the snow, I swear. What I'm terribly, terribly afraid of is that hubby will buy her some of those little doggy shoes to go with her ridiculous rain coat. And then I really will not be able to be seen in public with her at all.

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Kristin said...

Too Funny!! My dog would roll around in anything!! UGH!