Monday, November 01, 2010

Don't Be Surprised: Changes Coming

In the next week or so, I'm going to overhaul the appearance and to a certain extent the theme of the Ironmom blog. When I started with this blog, it was more or less a journal of my Ironmom journey and took the form of whatever random thoughts entered my head about training toward that goal. Then I started trying to introduce more helpful content: swim workouts, shoe reviews, books, coaching tips, etc.into the blog Over the last few years, I've come to feel that my triathlon training made my own fitness focus too narrow. I was "fit" in one aspect, but lacking in many others. My attempts to include Crossfit and martial arts in my own training have been working toward a goal of becoming a more balanced athlete and incorporating the things I was lacking: strength, speed, dexterity, and work in more muscle groups than just the ones used in triathlon training.

So the blog has become more than just a journey to that one particular goal: the Ironman.. For me, it is now about the journey toward ultimate health and fitness, toward becoming a well-rounded athlete who is physically, mentally, and spiritually fit inside and out. I want to broaden the scope of the blog to reflect that. To share more insights into that journey, and hopefully to include more insights from other athletes as well. So you'll see a new design to the blog coming soon, and a gradually changing emphasis from just triathlon training to a lifelong fitness journey. I will also have a new URL to reference the blog, but the old "" will still work as well.

As always, I welcome any thoughts and comments. Hopefully it will be a positive change!


cherelli said...

Cool - I look forward to the updated site! I enjoy the knowledge you share on workouts etc, I have an interest in lifelong health and fitness too; only I'm poor at actually putting ANYTHING on my blog, it's all bits and pieces I read here and there - and everyone has their own unique "what works" which is what makes it more interesting.

Jason said...

I came across your blog while reading Caratunk Girl's Mutley Monday and I can say that is exactly what I did with mine. I have not completed my Ironman race yet but am still working toward that but wanted my blog to go from notes on my training to helping others live a more fulfilling life. With that I have been running an interview once a week with other Ironman racers as well as the Athlete's Plate which is a full day's worth of recipes.

I am looking forward to your new look and I'm glad I found this before the change so I know what it was and what it will become.

Thank you for creating your blog.

Kristin said...

Cant wait to see the change!!

janasmama said...

I'm so excited! I love change. Maybe its the anticipation that change is coming, or maybe it's just the relief that things don't always stay the same. Either way, in general I think it's difficult for change to ever NOT be good.

Looking forward to it...don't keep us waiting too long!

Marv said...

Great ! I so understand. That is how my own blog began with the journery to an event. Along the way, something has happened. It is like I was looking through the keyhole and then I slowly opened the door. Guess that was part of the journey. Strange, but after the event, I have also planned on a reorientation...Funny we both arrived at the station about the same time. Looking forward to your new look.