Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Open Water Swimmer's Pool Workout

Here's the set I left on the board today for my pool swimmers, just before heading up to the lake with the open-water swimmers. This is a great set for preparing for open-water swimming, including triathlon
swimming. Tough main set!

Skill of the Day: Vertical Arm Catch (high elbow)
Drill: Vertical Arm Scull (great video of this drill here)

250 Swim
4 x 50 Vertical Arm Scull/Catchup by 25s
250 Pull, focus on high elbow catch
4 x 50 Vertical Arm Scull/Swim by 25s
6 x 50 Kick, IM order no flutter

Main Set:

36 x 75:

1 - 12 @ 1:15 interval
13 - 24 @ 1:10 interval
25 - 36 @ 1:05 interval

You can adjust these intervals as needed, the ideal is to have your first twelve 75s with about 15 seconds rest, 2nd twelve with 10 seconds rest, and 3rd set of twelve with only 5 seconds rest. You should keep your pace consistent throughout, with no rounders after each subset.

Workout Total: 4000 yards

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Kathy said...

Hey Robin, do you have any sources for OWS workouts? I am pretty sure my swim is 150yd out and back and I really don't have any other way to break it up. I'm starting to get bored just swimming (though i'm throwing in kicking and one-arm fly ocassionally). TIA!