Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Once More Unto the Beach Dear Friends

Two lake swims in one summer week? How do I sum up the joy?? Our regularly scheduled Master's lake swim was on Saturday and the morning was very misty with air was so still that any tiny sound was magnified as if in an amphitheater. From the surface of the lake, I could hear the river rushing far away and the tiniest breeze in the trees.

Then my mom came through town yesterday, and as she often does she had her kayak with her. So our Tuesday morning pool swim migrated to the lake while my mom and daughter kayaked around. Again the water was so smooth it was like glass. Trees and sky reflected like a mirror that I could see every time I took a breath, and pairs of osprey circled above and called to each other. Asa caught a small catfish in her hands, and followed around a larger trout just to see what it was doing. I spoke with a fisherman on Saturday who said he pulled a 28 pound salmon out of the lake!

Monday is my day of rest for the week, so Tuesday morning's swim always feels so much smoother and easier with my body well rested. Today I was gliding through the water as if it was air and I was flying, getting such an endorphin rush I was crying in my goggles (note: this makes them fog) and smiling with joy (note: this makes you swallow lake water).


Marv said...

Love this one Robin. I can so relate and your descriptions take me to the place and the feeling.
You know you are truly alive when you can cry with joy in your goggles.

Caratunk Girl said...

I love love love open water swimming! Get as many days in the lake as you can!

midlife_swimmer said...

you should facebook me :)

and thank you