Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Fashionista

I have to admit, my taste in clothing typically runs to the latest in swimwear (I love Tyr's plaid two-pieces, Must. Have.!!!) and biking shorts. Dressing up is not something I do often, and I'm sure my fashion-conscious daughter rolls her eyes behind my back more than I'd care to notice.

So I let her pick my outfits, and she loves to do us up as "matchies", do my hair, and paint my nails too. All the girly-girl stuff I don't always have time for. Lucky me!


Marv said...

I'm with you Robin. When I do dress up,people always notice.
"Marvin is that you?"

janasmama said...

At least you have the athletic body that fits the Activewear category of clothes. I remember when Activewear became a 'fashion'.