Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Little Detour

It's not very sports related but... my daughter opened as Annie in the musical this last weekend to sold out audiences. Looks like this weekend will be sold out as well. I am so in awe of the things she can do, things she was born to do. I wrote in her baby journal at 6 months old that she didn't babble, she sang. She did these little "baby arias" up and down the scale. Well, now she sings for real, and beautifully too, and acts. She has worked so hard, memorizing lines, songs, dances, stage action, I am very proud for all she, and the rest of the hard-working cast has accomplished! More than a few Ironmom tears shed in the audience on Saturday night.

Here's a little non-profit plug from me. I try to refrain from doing this sort of thing, but I can't right now. The theatre group that has been putting on Annie is a non-profit, dedicated to bringing arts, dance, theatre to all kids. They are in the running for a Pepsi "Refresh Everything" grant of $25,000. This would be a HUGE amount of money for them, allowing them to purchase microphones, curtains, and revamp the theatre to add a new entrance. They are a terrific organization run by some very dedicated people who spend their lives giving to kids and the community. If you have a minute, click on this link and vote for their project on Pepsi's site. The top 10 get funded , and they've gone from #102 to #58 this week alone.

Click HERE to vote, daily if you can!

And yes, if you've seen pics of my daughter before, we did dye her hair red for this one! Also, I just noticed in that photo that she has the trademarked enormous Ironmom feet. No wonder she's already a swimmer, LOL.

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