Friday, February 12, 2010

Shaking Things Up With the Muddy Buddies

How many times do we just go for a run: same routes, same paces, same gear, same tunes. Today was a shakin'-it-up run for our Crossfit group. The other day I was out and spotted the local frisbee golf course. We have a 9-hole course less than a mile from our house. This time of year (especially with the rain dumping down last night) it looks something like a small swamp. What a perfect place to run! Next to it is a little bark circular track, close to a 1/4 mile around.

So today's Crossfit running workout was this:

Sprint once around the track, then head off in search of Hole 1 on the disc golf course. Once the first runner gets to the tee-off for the hole, they (and the rest of the runners) have to do an exercise of their choice (jumping jacks, squats, pushups, etc.) until the last runner arrives. Once the last person is there, walk or jog back to the start of the track. Repeat for holes 2 - 9.

The workout took us almost an hour, often sprinting through big muddy bogs. After awhile I got the biggest endorphin rush and started giggling uncontrollably after each round. It was so much danged fun. Muddy buddy Carrie pointed out that workouts like this where you push through your own comfort level are what really help us to grow as athletes. The cold, the rain, the mud, the sprinting, all were uncomfortable, but also fun and exciting in that "stomping in mud puddles" childlike way.


Anonymous said...

if you find yourself running through muddy swamps often get a pair of those vibram 5 fingers that Robin has because the shoes get pretty heavy after awhile.

that was a great workout Robin. I feel like I have had some sort of rite of passage now that I get to wash my clothes with Sammy's muddy mountain biking clothes. ;)

Marv said...

A muddy buddy training session; like kids again; sounds great.

Also liked your post on the "little things." I had the rotator done recently and just to be able to do some things now that I took for granted is discovering it again.

Robin said...

Marv, definitely when abilities start coming back after an injury you can really appreciate them anew!

Carrie, those Five Fingers were the bomb, though I have to say the extra 5 pounds of mud in your shoes gave me my only hope of keeping up!