Thursday, February 04, 2010

If Only It Worked That Way With the Stock Market

This morning I woke up with the theme music to Hawaii 5-0 running through my head. If you're not as old as I am, you might not remember this show, one of the longest running cop dramas on TV (12 years I think). Chances are though you know the theme song, if only from it's ubiquitous use by marching bands. I was having this awesome surfing dream, the kind where you catch every big turquoise wave with effortless ease. It was accompanied by a full-force blast of the theme song apparently, since I woke up with what sounded like the whole orchestra in my head.

Not twenty minutes later, Asa wanders down to breakfast, fires up her iPod and starts her usual round of finding the latest cute kitten and hamster videos on Youtube (if you ever wonder who drives those videos into the millions of views, look no further than the 10-year-old girl contingent). So what comes blasting out of the iPod as the soundtrack to the first video? Hawaii 5-0. This kind of thing happens all the time to me, I can sometimes literally name a song, turn on the radio and it's the next thing that plays. So why aren't I getting cosmic market tips instead of music predictions, that's what I want to know!

By the way, rumor has it that CBS is considering Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin to fill the shoes of Hawaii Five-O boss Steve McGarrett in the upcoming remake of the once-popular show.


lisa said...

okay, THAT is weird. Today was my birthday---the big 5-O---and i popped in to see what's up with you (sorry to hear about your arm), since i prefer reading about your life than watching a crappy TV show or movie...and you're talking about Hawaii 5-O! Now i'll go to bed with that on my mind...dreams of Hawaii....mmm IM worldChampionships...hey we all can dream, right?!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Hope you had a great day for your big 5-0. Definitely dream of Hawaii on your b-day. Who couldn't use a little sunny beach action in the middle of winter???

Now that you mention it, Hawaii 5-0 would be an awesome goal to have. I have a few years to work on my plan to qualify, LOL.