Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Question of the Day

It's been a very long time coming, but I am kicking around some chapters for an Ironmom book. You see, I have this crazy idea that not everyone out there wants the ridiculous quick-fix fitness solutions that are the main offerings on the shelves of bookstores. One look down the fitness aisle will land you with dozens of variations on "Get Fit Fast, Without Hardly Having To Do Anything!" but very few books that are reasonable time-tested approaches to achieving real health and fitness. A couple of my favorites that are out there are John Bingham's The Courage to Start and The Slow Fat Triathlete: Pursue Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now by Jayne Willliams.

The former is a great book but is just about running, and after a good start the last half of the book kind of depressed me. The latter is an awesome and terrific book but I swear I can't get anyone to read it just because of the title alone. Picture this conversation:

Me, to friend who really wants to do triathlons: "There's this great book you should read! It's called the Slow Fat Triathlete"

See the problem there?

So I think maybe just maybe there's still a need out there for an Ironmom-y kind of a book. So if there's anything that you ever wished was in a book like that, a book that helps people get from Point A (unhealthy and out of shape) to point B (ultimately healthy and fit and loving it) in the real world where they have things like jobs, babies, and households, let me know!

Along those lines, I got a comment on a post the other day from Becky who was wondering what kind of trainer I have. I'm currently using a Cycleops Fluid trainer (and I'm using it an awful lot these days since it's one workout I can actually do with a broken arm!) I like it because with the fluid it automatically changes resistance so you can just pedal away and not have to worry about adjusting tension like in the old-style wind trainers. It's relatively quiet so I can watch a movie while cycling, and it folds up so I can take it to races to use for warming up, or I can store it out of the way. It's stable and I've only fallen off of it once (that was when I was foolish enough to watch 28 Days Later while pedaling and when a zombie leaped out at the camera I jumped so high I came unclipped and fell off of the trainer). All in all, though I'd love it if a Computrainer fell out of the sky and into my workout room, I'm happy with the Cycleops.


midlife_swimmer said...

I like the title "slow fat triathlete" myself LOL! but that is just me being frank about things...

glad your arm is healing

Robin said...

See I like the title too, I think it's funny and great. It's just that so many people are put off by it, it's kind of surprising. It's like if you suggest that they read it, they think you're making a value judgement on them or something. It's a terrific book if you haven't read it yet. Highly recommended and funny too!

Annie said...

"The Slow Fat Triathlete" was really the only tri book I enjoyed reading because it allowed room for the "non-atheletes" -- not everyone who runs a tri is already a fabulous swimmer/cyclist/runner.

I'd love to read your take on tris Robin... get on that book!!

Anonymous said...

LOL at you falling off your bike while watching a movie! Another example of the silly falls you have considering the crazy things you've done.

Hmmm. Book chapters. I'll be thinking on this one but one thing I would like to read about is the training that you see as often undervalued. You know...the pulling the kids around in the trailer to the park, etc and how that translates to participating in a triathlon. And some ideas for what to do with toddlers while training at home in living room.

Anonymous said...

btw Robin, I looked for the Slow Fat Triathlete at the library and it was out with hold requests. I put in a request as well and still have not been notified.

Another idea for the book....

discussing gear and the necessity or lack there of for certain items and how to get them without spending too much money. It's funny because there is just as much of a label designer war happening in outdoor/active apparel as there is Gucci and whoever else.

DB (D1, Mighty B, TG 40) said...

What a great idea - and you would do a great job. One thing I've noticed in some other triathlon books is that they'd list goals if you could run X in X or swim X in X - and sometimes my times weren't even on the charts. It would be great to have more resources that anyone can use to grow and improve - while feeling good about themselves. Also, something that is more than just a plan - but workouts designed for different goals - like thw swim ones you often post.

BTW - Really sorry to hear about the arm. Hope it is healing quickly.